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May 12, 2009

TCAF 2009

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My main “takeaways” from the TCAF show in Toronto that I attended this past weekend:

- Come on MoCCA! Let the public come into the show for free!! TCAF does it. Seriously, it’s so much better letting attendees just walk in off the street. I don’t think there were really any quiet points during the show in terms of crowds, and it seemed like it wasn’t all the same faces. And, for real now, it’s so much nicer. Can’t you make enough money off of the artists paying for the tables and the refreshments that you can sell to all the crowds? Think of all the extra refreshments you’d be able to sell, with all those extra crowds coming in, who – come to think of it – will have extra $$$ in their pockets anyway, since they got in for free, and are totally going to be more likely to buy a $3 bottle of water.

- “Curating” the show is kind of cool. In direct opposition to their approach to the general public (see bullet point above), TCAF doesn’t let just anyone get a table at the show. It didn’t feel like they were super-hardcore exclusive about it, but it seemed like they were trying to manage the guestlist to keep it strong. And it really was. It wasn’t the largest convention I’ve ever been to, but it was probably the densest in terms of quality artists/comics.

- I liked that there were only 3 categories at the Doug Wright awards. It made the three winners seem a little more special, when basically there’s just “Best Book”, “Emerging Talent”, and an award for Unusual/experimental books.

- As a followup to the above bullet-point though, I have to throw out a mild criticism to the fellow who read the “appreciation” of Kate Beaton, the cartoonist who won in the Emerging Talent category. Come on guy, it’s not cool to talk about how the winner was so far and away better than the other three schlubs who just lost the award.

- Speaking of Kate Beaton, from what I gathered, she totally deserved to win in this category, as all of TCAF loves her work. I met her on Friday night, and she seemed nice, and now I am going to familiarize myself with her work. Also, is it significant that she’s a webcartoonist, and she just won a pretty major award? That seems kind of significant to me.

- Here are the cartoonists/comics folks at the show who I am still too shy to go up and say “hello” to and just tell them that I like their work: Seth, Chester Brown, Maurice Vellekoop, Chris Oliveros, Yoshihiro Tatsumi… basically I am just totally intimidated by the Drawn and Quarterly set.

- Thanks to Cheese, Miss, Dave, Brian, and Kevin for being great company on the to-and-from flights. I am a notoriously bad flyer, but it made me feel better not being the worst one in the bunch.

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