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Comics and artwork created by cartoonist Mike Dawson, as well as podcast stuff, and other things too.

"Boy’s Toys"

Last week I was invited to be a guest artist at a 12 Hour Comicthon held at East Stroudsburg University. A 12 Hour Comicthon is like a 24 Hour Comic session, except, well, half as long. The idea is to work for 12 hours straight with the goal of making a 12 page comic in that time.

This is the comic I made. One interesting thing, relating to the content of this strip: I gave a short little talk about my career before the workshop began, and at the end of my talk I commented on how I had an idea for a short comics-essay about My Little Pony. A little laugh went around the room. Later on, while we were working, I got to the point where I was drawing the pencil drawing of the ponies. I felt totally self-conscious. There was some good-natured ribbing about what I was working on.

It really does puzzle me. I could be sitting there, a grown man, drawing pictures of Voltron or the Gobots, and I’d feel none of those things. In fact, towards the end of the 12 hours (when I got fried on this comic), I was sitting drawing pictures of the Wolverine/Spider-Man/Ghost Rider/Hulk Fantastic Four lineup. Not an ounce of self-consciousness did I feel.

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