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Comics and artwork created by cartoonist Mike Dawson, as well as podcast stuff, and other things too.

Sofia the First

This is one of my daughter’s “Big Three” shows (Sofia the First, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Curious George). My Little Pony is a much better show than Sofia the First, but also centers around a ruling class of Alicorn Princesses and lowly earth-ponies who work the land. This concept that Orwell identified in Charles Dickens books is something I’ve noticed in plenty of other places. Another great example is Downton Abbey, a show so bewitching in it’s glorification of the aristocracy it once managed to turn you against a maid character who had aspirations beyond servitude, thinking she ought to keep her mouth shut about her “dreams” and appreciate the fact that she has a good job in a nice house with a kind family. Can’t she see how decent Lord Grantham is?? She should consider herself lucky!

Mike Dawson is the author of the graphic novels Freddie & Me and Troop 142, as well as the collection of short stories, Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms. His next graphic novel, Angie Bongiolatti, a story about socialism, sex, and Online Learning, will be published by Secret Acres in April of 2014.

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