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Ink Panthers 169, feat. Tom Hart.

It’s kind of a Ink Panthers/PRO T.I.P.S mashup this week, as cartoonist and educator Tom Hart creeps into Panther’s Lair. We discuss the school he runs in Gainesville, The Sequential Artists Workshop, as well as our own experiences with art school. Then we have a fairly in-depth conversation about the graphic novel Tom is currently working on, about the loss of his daughter.

Note: due to technical issues, Alex drops off the call for the last 10 minutes of the interview. In case you’re wondering where he goes.

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This week’s illustration of Inky the Domesticated Panther supplied by returning champion, Kathleen Gros. Thanks, Kathleen!!

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    we love Tom Hart’s work (that’s why we hope you’ll check out Daddy Lightning) and this interview is a great listen!
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    Tom Hart! Head Honcho of SAW and mentor to a generation of cartoonists! AKA the most generous and all around badass dude...
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    Interview with Daddy Lightning creator and Comics Guru Tom Hart!
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