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Comics and artwork created by cartoonist Mike Dawson, as well as podcast stuff, and other things too.

Sketchbook comic about Kajieme Powell’s death at the hands of police on August 19th.

The video that the bystander recorded and the police released, apparently to exonerate themselves, is very disturbing. The police go to their guns too easily too often. There is less than half a minute between the time they pull up and the moment where this man is shot to death. Again, they must have had some knowledge of his potentially disturbed mental state - the reason the police were called seems to be because the man was acting strange. Other police arrive on the scene within a minute.

For more thoughts on this incident I thought this link was good.

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An American Werewolf in London

This week I was a guest on the Nerd Geek Dork podcast talking about An American Werewolf in London, one of my favorite movies ever, in part because of warm fuzzy nostalgic memories of watching it over and over again at my Grandma’s house when I was a little kid (it was the only movie they had on video, so we’d watch it almost every time we visited).

But, it’s not just nostalgia that makes me love the movie so much. If that’s all it took, then I’d have love in my heart for the Carry On movies or Benny Hill, which I don’t. I like horror movies, but most horror movies are dull waits for the horror bits to happen. Not the case with American Werewolf. The movie is entertaining in it’s own right. It’s funny. The friendship between Jack and David is believable. Unlike many teen horror movies, I feel there’s some allowance in this film for David to be upset about what happens to him and Jack on the moors, there’s room for him to mourn his friend (somewhat - we don’t see any tearful breakdowns - but the fact that he’d be traumatized by the attack plays into the plot nicely).

Not a lot of detail is ever given about Jack and David’s background. We assume they’re roughly college aged. They’re young enough that they still seem like kids, but old enough that apparently David’s parents don’t feel the need to come to the UK to be with him when he’s comatose for three weeks. That part’s a bit weird. I feel like his parents would come out, whatever the cost of airfare.

When I was a kid in England I’d have no sense of what kinds of guys Jack and David were, but I’ve been interested to realize upon more recent viewings that they’re guys from Long Island, and that David is Jewish. These are very much the kinds of people I now know very well. I read this one article about the possible significance of David’s Judaism.

The story of a man equipped only by his wit (if not his wits) in a country that neither understands nor particularly wants him. A man who is dazed by his recent bloody and brutal ordeal who does his very best to get along, despite being racked by the guilt and self-hatred of knowing what he is inside. I’m not arguing that director John Landis set out to make a hairy Jewish allegory, I’m just saying that there was an incidental subtext that continues to speak to and comfort me almost 30 years later.

My daughter is currently six, so I’ve not yet shown her the movie, but I figure in a few years she’ll be ready.

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#tbt #RISK #the90s

#tbt #RISK #the90s

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More War of the Worlds drawing in progress

More War of the Worlds drawing in progress

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Brian Evenson on Ed the Happy Clown | The Comics Journal →
A new episode of TCJ Talkies is posted to The Comics Journal. It’s actually one that I recorded a few weeks ago, prior to my brief moment of Internet Infamy, so don’t go listening expecting me to talk about any of that stuff.

Speaking of which, I was talking to someone in The Comics Press during the hubbub, and they said to me how they’re so much more interested in covering industry happenings than talking about the content of the work.

I dunno… I get it, and I see it to be true. People LOOOOVE those kind of blow-ups. I’ve never had so much attention as what I got when I was a part of one. Everyone’s got so much to say about “The Industry”.

I think there are reasons for it. Not all of them are bad. The content of comics is so fragmented, it’s tough to get the same number of people with the same point of reference on a book. It’s just easier to yell at each other on twitter about the industry than it is to debate what we think of The Death Ray.

I feel like this TCJ Talkies podcast is slow going. It’s taking a while for me to build any momentum with it. The format requires not only me to do my homework beforehand, but the guests as well. But… everytime I complete one (I recorded one last night with Jim Rugg and Caitlin McGurk talking Dan Clowes), I feel invigorated. I’m gonna keep going with it.
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"Everybody just lets the media do their thinking for them" #GhostWorld

"Everybody just lets the media do their thinking for them" #GhostWorld

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The werewolf who attacked Jack and David on the moors #BewareTheMoon

The werewolf who attacked Jack and David on the moors #BewareTheMoon

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philsketches asked: Hey Mike, What are you using for "Zipatone" care to share?


Hi - I do it in Photoshop. I do the shading in a layer of grey, and then apply the Color Halftone filter and it makes the nice zipatone effect. It’s nice how easy it is.

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More To Come 109: Mike Dawson Interview Special →
I was very grateful to Heidi MacDonald for inviting me on the PW More to Come podcast to talk about my writing career as well as my now-notorious Advice to the mid-career cartoonist essay. I learned a few things this week, one of which being that I can’t control everything that gets said on the Internet. I think it’s pretty baffling that people could find reasons to object to my essays, but I do recognize that it’s a complex topic, and folks have got strong opinions about it.
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nickscomic asked: I have the utmost respect or you sir always keep drawing and writing.



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