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May 12, 2009

“Free” cons, more thoughts…

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In response to my last post, where I suggested free admission for attendees of the MoCCA comic con in NYC later this summer, someone pointed out to me that the festival serves as a fundraiser for the museum, which is a good point. I am all for MoCCA raising funds, and it’s correct that charging admission helps them along that goal. It made me think, maybe the issue isn’t MoCCA’s door policies, maybe it’s just that it’s a shame that New York doesn’t host a comics arts festival that celebrates cartooning, and is free to the public, like TCAF.

It seems to me that the city is big enough to handle another art-comics festival… maybe in someplace like, Brooklyn, for instance. Like, possibly at the Brooklyn Library, right at the top of Prospect Park there, for example. A nice Spring-time international comics festival could do well there, I’d imagine! There’s plenty of space in there for exhibits and panels and all that stuff.

Come on, people-who-might-organize-such-a-thing! Make it happen!

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