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September 21, 2012

Ending Ink Panthers, and Other Stuff

A recently draw-ed drawing.

I haven’t written a newsy blog post in a while, so here are a few items:

Countdown to Ink Panthers 150: Yes, in this week’s podcast (146), we announce that the show is going to go on a long-term hiatus following episode 150. Saying that I feel torn about this decision is an understatement. Possibly, nothing has been better for me in terms of finding a place for myself in the larger comics community than doing this podcast. I’ve made new friends, gotten to know other cartoonists who I admire, been able to record live shows and panels, and all sorts of other stuff (TCJ Talkies, anyone?), all because of the silly weekly podcast that Alex and I have been relentlessly pumping out into the Internet over the last 3+ years. I fricking love making Ink Panthers. I think of what Alex and I do with the podcast as it’s own artform (well, it’s basically improv), with it’s own rewards. There are plenty of just-OK episodes we put out over the years, but there are also those gems, that were so fun and funny to make. I really treasure a lot of that.

On the other hand, I am very much looking forward to some down-time. I feel like I might have inadvertently annoyed everyone I spoke to at SPX by droning on about how I want to get “offline” for a while. I’m not sure what my problem is, but I moaned about it to enough people over the course of the weekend, that it’s clearly something going on with me. Apologies to basically everyone I spoke to. It’s probably all to do with the imminent arrival of a second baby and my neuroses about not getting the time I need in my life to make comics. The usual.

Either way, there are four more episodes of Ink Panthers to get in the can, and Alex and I have spoken about making them good, rather than just phoning-it-in for four weeks until we get to 150. We’ve been reaching out to some possible guests (both old and new), and are talking about doing one last PRO-T.I.P.S! conversation. Let’s make episodes 147-150 worth listening to, and fun to make. That way, when I get my head back on straight sometime in 2013, maybe The All New, All Different Ink Panthers Show can become something real.

What else? SPX? That happened, and it was great. I liked the Secret Acres recap and the one on Comics Reporter. While not mentioned by name in Tom Spurgeon’s account, I do believe I am referred to towards the end where Tom talks about eavesdropping on some of the younger cartoonists at the bar Saturday night. I think it’s important for Tom to know, I went to make a phonecall, and Julia Wertz was just busting-my-balls in that Julia Wertz way, though it’s also very funny to me that I had quite a conversation with a crew of the Secret Acres guys at breakfast that morning about my decision to eat a bowl of granola and fruit swimming in Activa yogurt for breakfast that morning. Also, I should add, I am flattered to be referred to in any way as a “younger” cartoonist, as I do believe it was cartoonist Joe Lambert who accused me of playing the old-crusty-middle-aged-man card with too much glee in my everyday shtick, while we were standing outside the hotel Sunday night, bidding farewell to the-weekend-that-was SPX 2012. All I am saying is that Joe and his friends are all Millennials, who don’t realize that The Cold War was actually, like, a thing, and I, being born six years earlier, am a Generation X-er, and I really get the world in a way that they never will. That’s all.

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