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February 26, 2014

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March 1, 2013

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May 1, 2012

Batman III

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A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was released today. I watched it, and am filled with conflicting thoughts.

On one hand, this movie looks totally unpleasant. I thought Batman II was grim, but this looks worse. To me it feels like all the bleak nihilism of the last movie, but without a charismatic villain. Does this even look like it would be a nice way to spend 2 hours in the Summer? This looks more like a visual endurance test than a summertime diversion.

On the other hand, how awesome is it to take something everyone perceives as a lightweight action Summer tent-pole type thing, and pack it full of all this awful horrible heavy stuff? Because it’s Batman, the movie is going to make a pile of money, which means a ton of people sitting in seats watching this thing. This unpleasant awful-looking thing.

It’s funny, sitting here on May Day, typing this. Helicopters hovering above the city, sirens blaring, as Occupy Protesters go back to the streets. I think history will be kind to Batman II and III. They are probably better capsules of the mood of this time-period than The Avengers will be. But, right now, if given the choice to go and see one of these movies, I think I’d lean towards Captain America and the Hulk…

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