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April 16, 2009


Inkstuds Dawson

Robin McConnell interviewed me this past week for his excellent comics-related radio show, Inkstuds. We talk about my books Ace-Face and Freddie & Me, as well as my ongoing webcomic, Jack & Max Escape From the End of Time, among other things.

Unfortunately the last minute and a half of our chat got scrambled, so had to be cut from the online audio. This results in the conversation ending kind of abruptly, just as I started on some weird rant about my disgust at my former college-age self for being such Politically Correct drip instead of going out and partying for four years. Maybe it’s for the best that the majority of this screed has been lost to the ages…

April 14, 2009

Jack & Max: Week 8

Jack & Max Escape From the End of Time

Things keep moving along with two new pages posted here.

To read from the very beginning, click here.

Apologies for the small update, but last week was killer, with Passover, Easter, and an unfortunate bout of food poisoning (I do not recommend the “Potage” soup from the Red Hook Fairway!).

In more pleasant news, I was happy to see this morning the first review (brief as it is) of Ace-Face, over on the Inkstuds blog. As mentioned in the review, Robin will be interviewing me later today, though the audio won’t be going online for a few weeks. Rest assured, I will link to that audio once it goes live.

April 8, 2009

iFanboy review

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Freddie & Me reviewed as Book of the Month at iFanboy.com.

It’s a great review, and I’m psyched they spotlighted it. I can’t help but assume the worst though, at the beginning where he mentions seeing the book on the shelves, noting in his “to check out one day” mental filing cabinet, and then a year later picking it up. Was it the same copy that he saw both times?

April 3, 2009

Fanboy Radio #507

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A Fanboy Radio “indie” themed podcast that was recorded live last week has been posted online. I’m the last caller to call in at the end of the show.

March 8, 2009

Ace-Face: Hype! Hype! Hype!

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Ace-Face: The Mod With the Metal Arms

I have a new book coming out from AdHouse in April, entitled “Ace-Face: The Mod With the Metal Arms“. It’s a 96-page collection of short stories, mostly featuring the titular character Ace-Face, everybody’s favorite well-dressed crime fighter, doling out super-powered justice with his bionic limbs, and handling crisis’s at home as a husband and father.

Here are links to a few interviews with me, discussing the book:

The Pulse: Dawson’s Mod of Steel, ACE-FACE
Newsarama: Going Inside Ace Face with Mike Dawson
Comic Book Resources: Talking Comics With Tim
Comixology podcast – recorded at the New York Comicon

And some pages from the book can be seen at Publisher’s Weekly.

March 6, 2009

Freddie & Me: Excerpts

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Life Still Goes On

A few places posted online excerpts from Freddie & Me. These are the ones that can still be found online:

Pop Candy
Publishers Weekly

Freddie & Me: Print interviews

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Here are some of the print interviews I took part in to help promote Freddie & Me:

The Comics Reporter – June, 2008
Newsarama – June, 2008
BlogCritics Magazine – June, 2008
The Daily Cross-Hatch – October, 2008

Freddie & Me: On the Air

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Photo by Seth Kushner

These are links to some of the audio interviews I did to help promote Freddie & Me. There were some others (including a bunch on the BBC radio, that sadly I may never hear again), but these are the ones I could find that are still online:

Pop Candy – May, 2008
Indie Spinner Rack – June, 2008
Comic News Insider – June 2008
Indie Spinner Rack – recorded @ HeroesCon with Alex Robinson, August 2008
Comic Geek Speak – February 2009

Photo by Seth Kushner


March 5, 2009

Freddie & Me: Press Sampling

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Freddie & Me promotional postcard

Freddie & Me was published in the Summer of 2008 by Bloomsbury in the USA and Jonathan Cape in the United Kingdom. Here’s a slew of links, sampling some of the press the book received:

The Sunday Telegraph

Charming, sincere and, above all, expressively drawn, in an uncomplicated way it has much to say about what remains after we’ve gone.

Comic Book Resources

Perfectly captures the high drama of adolescence … encapsulates what it is to be a Fan of something, and love a bit of culture so much that you tie that love into the most meaningful moments of your life

Read About Comics
Entertainment Weekly

There’s a wistful air of self-deprecation in Dawson’s writing and illustration, as well as a killer backbeat.

Syndicate Product Covert HQ
Culture Catch

This quiet, slice of life graphic memoir emphasizes the incredibly important role music plays in our lives, especially during our teen years. Dawson’s art is realistic and fearless–he isn’t afraid to depict himself in all his adolescent glory, bad haircut, braces and all.

Daily Cross-Hatch
Down the Tubes
Satisfactory Comics

Freddie & Me manages to deliver both the manifest awesomeness of Queen and the patent absurdity of an elementary-school boy who has given his soul to them, or a high-school boy whose emotional life is wrapped around the band he loves. In fact, sometimes it gives us both of these things (the sublime and the ridiculous) at the same time, in a way that seems totally appropriate to Queen.


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