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April 28, 2011

TCJ Talkies

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Some exciting news to announce: I’ve got a new podcast and it’s hosted at The Comics Journal! It’s called TCJ Talkies, which is a goofy name that I happen to love.

The inaugural episode went up today, and I was honored to have Evan Dorkin on as my first guest. As we discuss, a talk that Evan gave to a club I was a part of in college had a big impact on me in terms of broadening my awareness of different kinds of comics. I am a huge fan of Evan’s work, especially his run of Dork! comics in the late 90′s and early aughts.

Also, we discuss a letter Evan sent me in 2003 in response to a Gabagool! mini-comic I either mailed him or handed him at a convention. For those who are interested, here’s what he sent me:


My apologies for the long delay in replying to your letter — unfortunately, due to my heavy workload, the fairly large volume of mail I’m receiving nowadays and the occasional failed attempt to “have a life”, I’ve had very little “spare time” to reply to my reader mail, which is why it’s taken me weeks or even months to get back to you. I truly appreciate hearing from you regarding my work, and I thank you for your patience and support. And now that the annoying form letter part of this show is over, I’ll try to reply to what you actually wrote. Whew…

(Add to that my modem getting fried recently. )
ANYWAY — I have to admit I haven’t had the time to check out the webcomics, sorry, it’s just that I get sent a lot of links and don’t have the tiem to surf to everyone’s site. But, I did finally get to read through the Gabagool #1 you sent me eighty years ago in my pathetic attempt to get some of my snail mail answered. Wish I had time for a lengthy critique, sorry, I don’t — however, from the hip, I thought it read okay, dialogue was smooth and read decently, most folks write such dead dialogue it is noticeable when characters in minis sound anything like people. I didn’t really laugh, sorry to say, I have to say I’m kind of numb to pop culture gags/dialogue/references in comics these days because of how much I deal with that stuff in my own comics. Also, I’ve read a LOT of what I call “roommate comics” in my time, which Gabagool #1 falls into — slice of life, episodic, McJob, slacker, junk culture, booze, mooning over girls, etc , it’s a real staple in minis as well as “pro” comics, and even if done better than most it still feels like I’ve read it before. Art-wise, liked the body language and the simple, loose feel of the characters/linework. Didn’t like the sameness to it all, same line weight throughout to foreground and background, the lack of spotted black areas didn;t allow anything to “pop”, or any page to look different from another. Overall it produces a blurring effect, a monotonous effect. I thought pg 17 was the most succesful in the book, writing and layouit-wise, although, again, the monotonous line sets up a coloring book-like look that feels empty after a succesion of pages. You get points for putting the firggin’ Human Fly on page 3. Huh? Wish I didn’t know who that was.

Anyway, a breezy book, no surprises, but not drek like most minis people send me, which I can’t even get through and comment on. Of course, #1 was done a year and a half ago, so for all I know you’ve been working like fiends on honing your attack/material. Punch up the jokes, bring something to this material people haven’t seen before, work on backgrounds and line weights and varying visual approaches, and of course work on all sorts of stories and try different things out so you don’t fall into a rut. If I had the time I’d run thru the site, honest, but I barely have time to comment on what you actually sent me, a year and half later, and I have a box of mail and a long list of e-mail to burrow through. So, sorry for the late reply on dated material, hope this is of some help anyway, if not, mea culpa. I tried!

evan dorkin.

Also, in case anybody is wondering, the intro/outro music is sampled from a song called “You Are Boring the Sh!t Out of Me”, by The Hanslick Rebellion.

October 14, 2009

The Compleat Gabagool!… complete!‏

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Compleat Gabagool!

Now every issue of the cult-comedy series Gabagool! is posted and available online.

Created in collaboration with the humourist Chris Radtke, Gabagool! concerned the various misadventures of 30-something super-nerd, Christopher Vigliotti, and his slacker roommates Ritch Sutton and Vinnie DelPino. They lived in Bronx, New York, in an apartment owned by Christopher’s foul-mouthed cousin, Lenny Vigliotti. The first three issues centered around the boys attempts to kick-start careers as Bounty Hunters For Hire. Issues 4-6 focused on a vacation they took to a notorious swingers resort, Hedonism II, in Jamaica (in a story which is decidedly “NSFW!”).


May 20, 2009

Gabagool! Rock Soldiers

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I missed a week or two worth of updates in there, but I’ve just finished posting all of the “Rock Soldiers” short story over at The Complete Gabagool! Check it out.

April 15, 2009

The Complete Gabagool!

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the complete Gabagool!

Between 2002 and 2004 I self-published a humor comic called GABAGOOL! with a co-writer, humorist Chris Radtke. We put out six issues of the series, as well as a few short things that appeared in anthologies. Gabagool! concerned the adventures of Christopher Vigliotti and his friends, a group of twenty-somethings living in Bronx USA. There’s actually a very detailed Wikipedia page describing the main characters and the series.

Because this was a self-published effort, it has for the most part been out-of-print. The only way people can usually get hold of the comics is directly from me at small-press conventions, of which I am attending less and less these days. So, I’ve decided it’s time that all of these comics should be made available online.

I’ve posted the first issue of the series so far, and will be adding new pages every Monday and Wednesday. I imagine everything will be up in a month or two, including all the really filthy stuff where Christopher and his friends take a vacation to the notorious swingers resort “Hedonism” in issues 4, 5, and 6.

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