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February 18, 2013

Progress Report

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Angie Bongiolatti, the main character in my new book. Things are going really well with the story, and I’m at the point where I’m really eager to show off more of the comic to people, but I’m going to resolve to keep myself in check, and really aim for having a book come out that hasn’t previously been published online or elsewhere.

Been thinking a little about how this approach has been changing my writing habits. I’ve definitely edited myself more doing it this way, which I think has been to the benefit of the story.

A bunch of other recent things:

I found this photo, and was reminded once again of what a cool guy I was in High School (that’s me on the right, dressed as a “swashbuckling accountant”)

Also uncovered a lost diary, which reveals that the photo of my sister and I in New York City, which I put at the end of Freddie & Me, was taken only 19 days after we’d moved to America. When I wrote the book I couldn’t remember when the picture was taken, so I just labeled it “circa 1987″. When I create the “director’s cut” of the book, I’ll correct this. I’ll also include the information that on the following day, December 27th, I apparently went shopping all day, and all I got was some trousers and some glue, which I found to be “dead boring”.

My daughter drew this, and it made me laugh.

This fact seems more “alarming” than “fun”, right?

June 10, 2012

“Wow, he knows ALL the words?”

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One of my favorite little sequences from Freddie & Me, where a ten year old me imagines meeting the members of Queen.

It’s a familiar dilemma: what do you say when you meet an artistic idol, be they musician, writer, actor or whatever, that has the likeliest chance of you becoming Best Friends with them? There’s no answer.

May 2, 2012

Recent Drawing Wednesday – 5/2/12

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This coming weekend, May 5 & 6, I’ll be present at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, camped out at the Secret Acres table. I’ll obviously be selling Troop 142, but will be bringing copies of Freddie & Me, Ace-Face, and Gabagool! as well. I think I’m going to be offering a sweet deal of a heavily discounted copy of Ace-Face and free copies of the Gabagool! Hedonism saga with every purchase of Troop 142. I am also going to see if I can rummage up a little original artwork to put on sale too.

I will be appearing on a panel on Sunday afternoon, from 2:00 – 3:15PM, called Making Comics: The Process along with Adam Warren, Cecil Castellucci, and Kagan McLeod. It’ll take place in The Pilot Tavern location. I’m looking forward to it.

I participated in a panel this past weekend at the MoCCA festival, called Memoir, along with Jennifer Hayden, Derf, and Peter Kuper. The structure of the talk had us giving lengthy introductions and offering some of our thoughts about memoir/autobiography. There were definitely a lot of provocative points made, and I wish we’d had an extra half-hour to get a lengthier conversation going between the four of us.

A point that was raised more than once was that there are too many boring autobiographical comics about boring lives. I take a little bit of exception to this idea, though I think I understand where the sense of it comes from.

I don’t think there are too many autobio comics at all. I love reading autobio comics! I wish more cartoonists did them.

Sure, there are poorly made amateurish autobio books. But, I suggest to you, there are no more of them than there are, say, poorly made amateurish space-adventure epics, or poorly made amateurish Love & Rockets rip-offs. There’s poorly made comics of all stripes and genres.

In my opinion, the sense that there’s too much of this sort of work, glutting the market, comes from the reader’s raised expectations when presented with memoir. The immediate question the reader asks is Why is your life worth reading about? Why are your experiences worth my time?

And it’s a fair question.

But, I don’t think it’s the same thing as there being this overwhelming sea of sad-boy autobio, threatening to drown us in it’s navel-gazing. I just don’t think that exists. No more than any other kind of comic.

September 17, 2010

Songs I’d Like To See In The Freddie Mercury Movie

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This was fun to write, and reminded me of a few songs I hadn’t thought about in a while.

Seriously, what on earth was that Starfleet thing all about?

November 6, 2009

iFanBoy – Talksplode!

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iFanboy’s Josh Flanagan sits down for a lengthy chat with me about Freddie & Me, Ace-Face, Ink Panthers, and more on the latest Talksplode podcast.

July 15, 2009

Freddie a já

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Freddie a ja

I wasn’t totally sure what was going on with this, but it looks like the Czech edition of Freddie & Me is going to be published soon :-)

June 18, 2009

Some recent pics

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Super Heros, a comics shop in Paris, made this ex-libris bookplate to insert into French copies of Freddie & Me. They sent me a box of them. They’re really nice.

TCAF pitzer

This is a picture I took at TCAF of my table. I never got around to posting any of my TCAF pics, but most of them weren’t very good anyway. I might need a better camera, or maybe I just need to read the manual to find out how to take less blurry photos.

Look how cute Orli is!! She drinks out of a straw!

May 29, 2009

Freddie et Moi

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Some good news, to offset all of today’s website miseries: the French edition of Freddie & Me is scheduled to be published in the coming weeks by Rackham.

So far, Rackham is the first publisher to radically alter the cover of the book, to make it more palatable to French tastes. The cover I made is very photoshop-y, I’ll admit, and they wanted to flatten it out a little. I like how it came out:

Freddie et Moi

April 16, 2009


Inkstuds Dawson

Robin McConnell interviewed me this past week for his excellent comics-related radio show, Inkstuds. We talk about my books Ace-Face and Freddie & Me, as well as my ongoing webcomic, Jack & Max Escape From the End of Time, among other things.

Unfortunately the last minute and a half of our chat got scrambled, so had to be cut from the online audio. This results in the conversation ending kind of abruptly, just as I started on some weird rant about my disgust at my former college-age self for being such Politically Correct drip instead of going out and partying for four years. Maybe it’s for the best that the majority of this screed has been lost to the ages…

April 8, 2009

iFanboy review

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Freddie & Me reviewed as Book of the Month at iFanboy.com.

It’s a great review, and I’m psyched they spotlighted it. I can’t help but assume the worst though, at the beginning where he mentions seeing the book on the shelves, noting in his “to check out one day” mental filing cabinet, and then a year later picking it up. Was it the same copy that he saw both times?

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